The Family Meal

My husband’s family arrived last week from France. Yes, my man is European (though he was born and raised in Southampton, New York). On the eve of their arrival, I prepared a rockin’ meal with produce from my CSA, Amber Waves Farm; more vegetables from local Balsam Farms; bread from Carissa’s Breads; fish that my brother caught earlier that day while fishing with his son; and a few other things. While planning for and preparing the meal I reflected on the importance of the family meal. Yes, it is a time to share good food (though it doesn’t have to be so farm to table) but most importantly, it is a time to connect. Instead of going on and on with words, I will share pictures from that lovely evening. It may evoke some great emotion and motivate you to get in the kitchen.

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Click on below photo to see a gallery of images from our family meal...

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