Corporate Consults - Stefanie Sacks

Corporate Consults

In an era where industry leaderschefs, healthcare professionals and academia are trying to make an edible difference, Stefanie’s expertise and extensive knowledge of the food and agricultural industries combined with years in the health and wellness field offer her a unique skill set to be able to guide groups towards creating a truly sustainable food foundation for human and environmental health and their specific audience. 




With evolving consumer interest in sustainable sourcing, food transparency and authentically healthy end products, industry is starting to shift. As companies look to launch new initiatives and create truly meaningful products, Stefanie is called on to guide corporations on developing clean and transparent products and programs that meet the end-user's health needs while also supporting marketing efforts to truthfully and effectively guide consumer choice and promote sales. Some of her present and past clients include ABC Carpet & HomeNaturopathica Healing Arts Center & Spa, Titan TeaOcean Approved and Consumer Eyes.


Stefanie believes that all culinarians should have the knowledge and skills to make the most healthful ingredient choices for their customers and the environment while also respecting their bottom line. Stefanie works with chefs not only to shift how they source ingredients but also to teach them how to maximize nutrition in all menu items. In addition, she creates training programs for chefs and staff on how to prepare health supportive cuisine and dialogue with customers about menu items. Some of her clients include globally celebrated Jean Georges Vongerichten as well as large groups of country club chefs in the NYC Metro area. In addition, she works closely with a small handful of schools to better their food programs from training chefs and foodservice staff to educating students. 


Stefanie has spent years educating registered dietitian, doctors and other healthcare providers on the critical role food plays in their own care as well as patient care. Through hands on culinary experiences, Stefanie gives this audience the knowledge and skills to integrative food and culinary education into their scope of practice. She has created and taught programs for Integrative Functional Nutrition Academy, Center for Mind Body Medicine, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Donna Karan's Urban Zen Foundation and Field to Plate.


Over the years, Stefanie has helped numerous schools and school programs integrate culinary nutrition education into their existing curriculum by developing and teaching food and culinary immersion curriculum and programs. Some of her past and present clients include Teachers College, Columbia University, University of Bridgeport, Early Head Start and Community Food Resource Center.